Electric wheelchairs:
Cost $5,000 - $30,000, averaging $7,132 and weigh 150 - 250 lbs. They require ramps to enter vehicles, and can't go off road.

Manual wheelchairs:
Require high upper body mobility and strength on any surface, but especially off road.


TriniCorp TrekkR:

A sub-$5000, 30 lb., fully off-road capable Personal Electric Vehicle with 25 MPH top speed, 10 mile range, regenerative braking, and smartphone integration + charging.

Using the latest DC brushless motors, sinusoidal speed controllers, Lithium-Polymer batteries, and microprocessors.

Record-setting Performance

Applied to break Guinness World Records:
World's Fastest Electric Wheelchair.
Most Power Wheelchair Spins in One Minute.

A 6 MPH model is in the process of FDA 510(k) approval.